My Mom’s Understated Wit

So, my mom read this letter I put up on Facebook from one of her however many great uncles to another one of her however many great uncles about the death of her however many great aunt, who was killed by Indians out in Oregon.

And she just texted me to say, “No wonder this Rich family (meaning her immediate family) never yearned for the West Coast.”

According to Wikipedia, Jacksonville was a site of one of the earliest gold claims, so I guess some Riches went out there to seek their fortunes. Anyway, if I had to guess, I’d say it was the Takelma who killed our aunt and cousin in their last ditch effort to not be exterminated themselves.

So, what can you say? It’s terribly sad.  On a lot of levels.

3 thoughts on “My Mom’s Understated Wit

  1. They died in the Rogue River War. Here’s an article about it. Archaeologists have recently discovered the major battle site of the war. You’ll see that the “exterminate the Indians” thing didn’t work out so well for the settlers of Jacksonville, though ultimately the Takelma were driven off their lands and sent to a reservation. I don’t know enough about the group to know whether they saw this as a relief and means to stop the kiilling or just a huge trauma (probably both).

  2. In examining the documents from that period, I’d also hazard the guess that your ancestors were killed by members of Tecumtum’s band. They appear to be the people who got attacked and then launched a group of simultaneous reprisals in an attack pattern similar to the one that J. B. Wagoner describes. Here’s a bit more about him.

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