One Other Thought

I didn’t want to say this earlier, because that dude just died, but the most laughable part is the idea that anyone would give a shit if everything in JSTOR were widely and freely available. You know the number of people who would take advantage of that? In the whole world? I’m guessing–but it’s a pretty educated guess–at most, several hundred. Which, when compared to the population of the planet is “no one.”

No one wants to read scholarly writing. Sometimes we get together–the whole industry–and people are so worried about pirating. It’s hilarious. Who wants to pirate a university press book? We should be so lucky.

So, they hounded the one dude who actually thought our product had any value–who thought it needed to be as widely available to as many people as possible for the benefit of the whole world, who actually believed that what we’re doing matters–to death.

If we wanted to break his spirit, we should have just taken him to a typical university press opened their sales figures to him. Shown him how even libraries don’t want our stuff.

Freeing academic work is like freeing domestic chickens. Most of the flock doesn’t go very far anyway.

(Not) Walking the Dog

It’s been so rainy here that, even though there hasn’t been rain falling the past two days, the yard is still too mushy to walk through it to walk the dog. This makes me grouchy. So very grouchy.

Otherwise, not much going on here. Which is kind of strange, but nice.

Tomorrow, I’m going to take the dog to the Whites Creek Greenway. The nice thing about a greenway is that it’s paved. So, wet or not, we can walk. I think we both need it.

Catch my post on our favorite pirate later today at Think Progress.

Here’s a song for you to dance around your day to: