5 thoughts on “Captain Morgan Seduces Think Progress with his Eyes!

  1. Does the first commenter over there not realize that they’re not living up to their name? Twit.

    And I now realize why the Secret Door commercial just didn’t engage me as much as the first two. It’s the removing of the Orgy with Everyone! and replacing it with a suitable young pretty woman. Sigh.

  2. rheather, exactly. I didn’t see that as the problem at first, but when you spend a couple of hours watching the commercials over and over, the change in strategy–from all-comer’s orgy to suitable young pretty woman–is dramatically obvious. As is the shift from Morgan being someone worth looking at to someone the camera just glances over.

  3. I want to toss a plumed hat in the air and shout “HUZZAH!” for your post. And yet I also am distraught at the apparent discarding of the Captain we so loved.

    O Captain, our Captain, indeed.

    (I have now associated the assassination of Lincoln with a failing ad campaign. I believe I’ve gone too far.)

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