I Admit, I Laughed

Poor Ken Marrero had the job of arguing ““We’re not crazy, wild-eyed people. We’re your next-door neighbor … we’re not the problem” at an event where Joe Carr and Bill Ketron insisted that the government is going to strip people of their second-amendment rights.

Dude, if you think that the only thing standing between us and tyranny is your gun? You probably are a little wild-eyed. Which doesn’t mean that the government should come take your guns or anything. Just that in you vs. the United State military, you don’t win. And, if your calculation is based on the belief that the military would never agree to attack U.S. citizens? Or that enough of them would refuse as to make the sides fair and even? Well, then, bless your heart.

You have been quite lucky in life, if that’s your experience of government–full of people enough like you that you count on at least some of them to come to your aid.