My Last Think Progress Thing

I didn’t intend for them all to end up fantasy and horror, but they did. Here’s an interview with Jason Sizemore.

In case you’re counting, that means that, on Monday, I did whatever crap I tried to pass off as worthwhile here, my actual job, two posts for Think Progress even after I said to the Butcher, “I should take some time this weekend and write ahead some on Think Progress so that I don’t break my brain,” but did not follow my own advice, a post for Pith, and a post for Flyover Feminism that runs tomorrow.

I now can’t function I should make some squares, but I’m going to play video games and fret about my car and go to bed instead.

The Check Engine Light

Stupidity continues. My Check Engine light came on on my way to work. I can’t get it into the mechanic’s until tomorrow, though. My dad blithely announced that he’s going in for a CT scan on his head this afternoon, which will be fine, but when we’re playing “attack of the anxious funk,” it’s not helping.


“Attack of the Anxious Funk” should totally be the title of my autobiography.

To the Big Tree

I think because it’s so cold the dog has refused to walk in the morning. Today we at least went to the big tree next to the AT&T building, but no farther. Things are happening. Project X is where it’s supposed to be at this point. I’ve got a blog post submitted one place (fingers crossed), a blog post ready for Think Progress, an interview conducted for another post, I’m caught up on Pith. Rachel’s squares are finally chugging along. All the big squares are tucked and I’m on to the medium ones.

I’m feeling a little frazzled, though. And sad. I think it’s just the weather, so I’m trying to just play through, you know?

Just sometimes I’m really aware that the world is changing and I’m not sure that my markers for what is successful matter much anymore. So, I need some new markers. But I don’t know what they are.

I mean, I think this is successful. I think this is everything I could have hoped for.

I’d like that to sink in to my stupid brain.