The Check Engine Light

Stupidity continues. My Check Engine light came on on my way to work. I can’t get it into the mechanic’s until tomorrow, though. My dad blithely announced that he’s going in for a CT scan on his head this afternoon, which will be fine, but when we’re playing “attack of the anxious funk,” it’s not helping.


“Attack of the Anxious Funk” should totally be the title of my autobiography.

4 thoughts on “The Check Engine Light

  1. that could work as a title – but didn’t you come up with an autobiography title here a few years back? probably in a similar vein?

    Otherwise, here’s to hoping that your check engine light does what mine (all too frequently) does – indicates something is maybe wrong in the exhaust line (someone can insert the right technical term here) but really you just need to clean all the gunk around the gas cap or maybe get a new one. Did you recently fill up the gas tank?

    And here’s hoping it really is just nothing to worry about with your dad.

  2. I am going to check my gas cap when I leave work.

    And my dad is fine. He’s got some breathing issues he’s had for his whole life that they were trying to treat with medication and now the doctor’s like “I think there’s something structurally wrong with your nose.” Which would make sense. They’re just looking to see what it might be.

    I’m just being stupid. But what can you do?

  3. If the mechanic says get a new cap, go to the dealer and get one. Those systems are so very sensitive (for clean air regulations) and you really do want the manufacturers product.

  4. I had the check engine light come on b/c of the gas cap on my last car. Someone (i.e. me) left it sitting atop the car while getting gas, drove away & lost it in transit.

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