1. My dohickey was clogged and some filter had to be replaced. Ugh.

2. People/not-people. Turns out the Catholic Church is flexible.

3. I wrote this thing.

4. I have some thoughts on Roy Herron, but I got up before the crack of dawn, so I am incoherent. But I wish I had $900,000 from the state.

5. Look, I have a search thing now! Down there.

3 thoughts on “Things

  1. While I am a little delighted that there might be arguments on record that could help us, I can barely see past my anger at the Catholic church (that hospital anyhow) right now.
    Oh,and the Roy Herron link isn’t working :(

  2. thanks. And now I’m freed up to try to make some corny joke about your search function being “down there” but, ugh, no joke is coming to mind, too flooded with possibilities, so I’ll just snicker and wonder whose being searching ;)

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