Yesterday, someone at work was laughing about this.

Some things make me feel like I am wearing a disguise I forget I have on. People look at me and assume that we’re the kinds of people for whom that must be so foreign and weird.

It’s a strange feeling–not being the person the person who’s speaking to you assumes you are.

8 thoughts on “Shed

  1. When my aunt was getting ready to sell her rural property she had to find a place for her deceased husband’s friend to live because he had been living in the chicken shed. Because that was the best he could manage.

    I suspect most people who can laugh a story like that just haven’t looked too deep into their family.

  2. People who laugh at what’s “foreign” to them seem, inevitably, to have a tremendous percentage of human experience they take to be “foreign.”

  3. What jackass laughs about a guy getting killed? Well, I know a lot of jackasses do. But still. I’d hate to find I’ve been working with one of them. You have my sympathies.

  4. Oh, this person was laughing in an uncomfortable way, like “Isn’t it terrible that we live in such a crappy state that people have to live in sheds where they then die?” This person wasn’t laughing that the dude died.

  5. My brother is living in the shop at my parent’s home right now. Financial circumstances, a little girl that needs to see more of her Dad and space limitations are just part of the reasons that I’ll mention that have caused him to be there.

    Not a damn thing funny about it.

  6. When I first heard this news, I paid more attention to it and was more sad than I might have been ordinarily. Because of what you’ve told us.

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