Representative Jeremy Faison is a Jackass


The sponsors say they’re merely legalizing what is already a pervasive practice.

“Let’s be honest. There’s not a parking lot in Tennessee today that doesn’t have a gun inside the car,” Faison says.

Parking lots with weapons in glove boxes include the grounds of the state capitol. Faison admits to keeping firearms in his vehicle while in Nashville.

“I’m not ashamed of it. I’ll tell anybody that,” he says. “I’ll tell the highway patrol. Listen, that’s just part of life.”

Faison, however, would still be breaking the law even if his legislation passes, at least as written now. While the Cocke County representative says he’s “carried a gun all my life.” He says he’s never sent in the paperwork for his handgun permit.

“One day I’ll probably get caught if I don’t get a permit, and I’ll get in trouble,” he says.

He tells the media that he illegally keeps a gun in his trunk while at the state capitol, a gun for which he does not have a permit. This is a man who feels free to make laws that I have to follow. Fuck him. Under this logic, why isn’t weed legal in Tennessee? Hell, you’re a million times more likely to need weed to cope with driving in downtown Nashville than you ever are to need a gun.

Here’s the thing. There’s just an enormous unbridgeable gap between people who think they need a gun every single place they go because shit could break out at any moment and people who don’t. As much as I appreciate that people who carry would like non-gun people to acknowledge that there are safety issues, I think non-gun people would like some acknowledgement that, if you’re a 36 year old white guy who works in a building that already has armed guards, you’re not actually in that much danger from life. Which means you certainly have time–plenty of safe time–between the moment you decide you want a gun in your car and the moment you should actually put a gun in your car to get the proper permit.

4 thoughts on “Representative Jeremy Faison is a Jackass

  1. I’m sure the police have his license-plate number. I’d say that searching out the automobile of a well-known, publicly boasting scofflaw ought to be an item they can get around to….

  2. >>>He tells the media that he illegally keeps a gun in his trunk while at the state capitol, a gun for which he does not have a permit.

    This is what comes to mind when I hear some pro-carry nutbag starts going on about how “gun laws don’t work because criminals don’t respect the law.” You know that being armed violates the law but you do it anyway, because “I’m not the criminal here.” Well… yeah, you are.

  3. Andy, this is such a good point. If “criminal” isn’t defined as the person actively breaking the law then what the fuck do words even mean? But it gets at just how much of this is tied up in privilege. Some folks believe that they have the right to always be recognized as good guys–no matter what they do–I guess just based on who they are.

  4. Well, and fact is, the minute a loaded firearm enters the room, the probability of someone getting shot approaches 1.00 – “good guys” and “bad guys” notwithstanding (because the bad guy is always so easy to spot, amirite)?

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