Blocks A… Or Block As are Done

square a

I forgot how quickly this part of the afghan comes together compared to the month of tucking tails into squares that precedes it. As you may recall, there are four blocks each of five different kids of blocks. So, all Block As are done. And it just took two days of lollygagging and half-assing it. I’m excited about laying it out and just comparing it, color-wise, to mine. Because I am a nerd.

This is the trick of the afghan. There’s a long kind of tedious part that, if that were the end of the afghan, wouldn’t encourage you to make another, but then you finally get to piece things together and it looks so nice and you can’t wait to see what happens next and then it’s like “Woo, look at this amazing thing I made!”

Did I tell you how we picked these colors? I had the yarn left over from the last afghan, so that was already set. But then Rachel sent me her wish list on… um I forget… maybe Etsy or Pinterest? Anyway, it let me get a wide view of colors she liked, and then I tried to match it with what was available in the yarn I’m using. Neither orange is quite right, which I’m a little bummed about, because she likes this really awesome orange that just isn’t matchable in this yarn. And I was worried this bright one looked a little too emergency road-hazardy.

But now I’m really liking it.

I don’t know how long I will continue to make variations of this afghan, but for now, the work to pay-off ratio is still really high. It looks so good, starting about now, that it’s hard not to sit around and wonder “What if I did one that was all shades of blue?” “What if I did one that was all variegated yarn?”

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  1. It was my favorites on etsy. :) I am loving this, every time you post pictures. The blue/purple one in the top right? I want to snuggle that square.

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