If We’re Not like the Soviet Union, Then What Are We Like?

Friend-of-blog, Mike Turner says, “It’s not the Soviet Union. We’re not a dictatorship. We let our people make their own decisions,” when speaking about Democrats who still will not fucking get their noses out of my vagina.

Mike, I love you, but I’m about three seconds away from setting up a reminder on my calendar so that I can send Charlie Curtiss a vagina status update once a day. Today’s would read “Thursday: My vagina is pissed the fuck off at Charlie Curtiss.” I’m going to guess that’s how tomorrow’s would read, too. Probably going to read that way for the foreseeable future.

So, Mike, you ask him whether he’d prefer to get my vagina status updates via text or email. And we’ll just time how long it will take for it to dawn on him that what goes on in my vagina is none of his business.

Meanwhile, having to report my vagina status to some politician sure does feel pretty fucking Soviet to me.

6 thoughts on “If We’re Not like the Soviet Union, Then What Are We Like?

  1. That is soooooo unfair to the Soviet Union, which never cared whether women had abortions. In fact, the Soviets preferred funding abortions to funding prescriptions for birth control pills, and used abortion as a primary means of birth control.

    Now, Ceausescu’s Romania, on the other hand, not only forbade both abortion and birth control, but required married women who weren’t coming up pregnant to report to a physician every month for testing, to make sure that the women weren’t somehow preventing conception. And I happen to think that being compared to a practically third-world, deliberate backwater tinpot dictatorship is more appropriate for Tennessee than being compared to a big hulking empire that actually did manage to push people around outside their own borders.

  2. What we need is Vagbook…”How’s your vagina feeling, Aunt B?” or “What’s going on with your vagina, Aunt B?”

  3. My vagina’s ship has sailed, but I’m pissed off enough for two 25 year olds who are still menstruating.

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