Square E–In the Done Pile

square e

I finished up the Square Es last night, which, you might note, look very similar to the Square As of the other day. They are, in fact, the mirror opposites of each other. And, if I remember right, the most time consuming squares. But just to give you a sense of how fast this part goes–there are only twenty squares. It feels like I both just started these this week and that I’m not doing them very quickly and I have eight done. Bam. Just like that.

This is my favorite square so far. It’s got what is to me the Platonic Ideal of big squares up there in the left hand corner, just being awesome. Then it’s filled with squares that compliment it so beautifully, but then there’s the blue and the orange trying to remind you that life is not all sitting around listening to Neutral Milk Hotel wondering where we went wrong as a species and crying over how such terrible fuck-ups can still make beautiful things.

The most interesting part to me is that said blue doesn’t really behave that way when it’s not next to the orange. If you check out the little sliver of it down left of the orange, you can see how it is lively but not that lively when paired with the other colors in the afghan. I simply cannot wait to piece this whole thing together. It’s going to be so nice, I think.

2 thoughts on “Square E–In the Done Pile

  1. The square cuddle report: among these, I would light to cuddle the top right purple and green one, as well as the mixed greens one just below it.

    The blue/orange thing is color theory, that two complementary colors placed side by side make each other appear brighter. Blue/orange happens to be my favorite of those combinations, because it does seem so vibrant. If you were to mix the two colors (if they were liquid/blendable), you’d get a hideous mess! Which is also kind of delightful. :)

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