See, a Brain Vacation is Good for Everyone

The afghan is about done. Just need to sew all the big squares together. I watched The Gift and The Frighteners. I read almost no fiction, except for the new issue of Apex. I got a new purse to replace my new purse that I bought in December, which fell apart on Thursday.

And today, I got word that a person who needs to like Project X likes it and has thoughts about it. I’m going to go talk to him about it on Wednesday.

A thing that delights me is that it’s clear that Tilda, the maid of the Allens, who is briefly a werewolf, is the character from the project that sticks with everyone. There’s something about her people like. It almost makes me feel bad for the other characters, because they’re just not the ones people first mention.

I feel proud, though. Creating something memorable is pretty awesome.