I am confused and delighted by the idea that we might have a state named after Dr. King. In the alternate timeline when this was how states were organized, though, how did they know he would exist? Or do we get new states every ten years? Clearly, that’s a plot by the business card community.

5 thoughts on “Equal Proportions Map

  1. Great map. Thanks for posting it.

    If we were to restructure the states to populations that are +/- 5% equal, we could redistrict every 30 to 50 years and not get too great a difference between any two states. Presidential elections would be more fun too.

  2. I’m obsessed with that map. Thanks.
    But, where did you get it? The link is only to the map and I feel like I should give credit to someone (sorry, only some goes to you) when I share it.

  3. Way cool! I, too, want to know where you found it. I’d like to be able to zoom in to certain areas to see exactly where the boundaries are.

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