So Close

The afghan is not done. It is so close to being done that I’m a little embarrassed that I didn’t stay up and finish it, but I didn’t. Everything is sewn together and because I tucked ends as I went, all the ends except the border’s are tucked. I’m doing two rounds of a single crochet as the border and I’ve just got one and a half sides of the second round to go.

The thing I find interesting about borders on any kind of granny square afghan is that it gives you a chance to see the tremendous (well, tremendous for an afghan) forces acting on the yarn–what pulls in which direction where. A border is important then for two reasons. It takes some of the tension off of your weakest points–the ends of seams–and it helps pull those outside squares square.

Anyway, I am really tickled with it. I’m hoping to remember that I want to get a picture of this afghan and my afghan side by side so that you can see the differences.

I am still marveling at how quickly it comes together and I stand by my assessment that it is the saving grace of the afghan. The terribly boring stuff was long enough ago that it’s very easy to finish up and think “Wow, that turned out great. I should do another one.”