The Company I Keep

Let’s just acknowledge that we are at peak “I Look Like I’m in a The Band Cover Band, but with Swing Dancers” and so everything has a kind of bland charm to it. I mean, chest hair is back. It’s hard not to be delighted by the reemergence of chest hair. But I’m kind of over “I raided John Hartford’s closet, but paired it with more annoying pants.”

All that being said, I am a little in love with this song–“The Way We Move” by, ugh, seriously, Langhorne Slim, who I guess we have to assume is the nephew of Foghorn Leghorn. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

You’ve probably heard it in a commercial. So I won’t recap the whole song.

I would just like to take you to 1:29, where he sings “That’s the way I like it, that’s the company I keep.” The company I keep. People, that is so great. It just sounds right. The hard ks, and I think the ps are kind of hard, there, too. I want to say it over and over. I want to title something that. “The Company I Keep.”


3 thoughts on “The Company I Keep

  1. Some things defy explanation.

    But he’s doing really well with commercials, that’s for sure. The red umbrella “Drifter” commercial for Traveler’s got him a lot of attention a few years back, too–people asking, “Who IS that?”

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