The Test

I chickened out of washing the afghan last night. It’s the final thing I do before I give them away–make sure they can withstand a regular washing and drying.

And though I know this will be fine, I just couldn’t do it.

But tonight.

Otherwise, it just starts getting awkward.


4 thoughts on “The Test

  1. I have an afghan in my closet that my grandmother made when I was a child. It’s not exactly like yours, but close. She died many years ago. And that afghan has always just been “That Afghan That My Grandmother Made.” But watching you go through this process has made me appreciate that afghan for so much more! It was likely weeks, if not months, of my grandmother making these same decisions, having the same anxiety, being proud. It’s not the prettiest afghan – very 70’s in the color scheme – but I think I might sleep with it on my bed tonight. Thanks!

  2. Julie, that is awesome. That’s another slight fret I have–how dated are these colors going to look in ten years? But then, you know, colors come back around. In five years, you might have the most stylish afghan ever!

    Kitty, that makes me feel a lot better. I’m nervous because my mom just had an afghan come untied in the wash, which I have never heard of happening! And she’s devastated. And I really don’t want to have to re-do all that.

  3. I’ve washed the afghan you made for me, and it just got softer, which I hadn’t thought was even possible, it was so soft to start with.

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