In Delightful Scandinavian News

People, who knew I would have another opportunity to use my Scandinavia tag (and to practice spelling Scandinavia correctly)?

And yet, here I am, to report that Norway has not one, but at least, it would appear, two “firewood celebrities.” I mean, you can’t be the biggest Norwegian firewood celebrity unless there’s someone falling a little short of that, right?

And Norway is so small! But the U.S. does not even have one firewood celebrity. Yes, we have Smokey Bear, but he’s more a fire celebrity.

I am making it my personal goal to be the U.S.’s biggest firewood celebrity, even though I have no idea what such a title might require. I will make my Scandinavian ancestors proud, though.

Or not. Ha ha ha.

4 thoughts on “In Delightful Scandinavian News

  1. Lars Mytting, the celebrity they’re talking about, wrote a book on heating your house with wood that’s been a huge bestseller in Norway and Sweden.

    Lots of folks there still heat their houses with wood, and it’s become a bit of a trend with younger people — who see it as part of a greener lifestyle. People spend the whole summer chopping and splitting and then burn wood to provide all their heat or to complement whatever other heat source they have.

    I’ve been traveling to Sweden for over a decade now, and my sense is that wood heating has become more popular recently because utility prices, which were always high compared to US prices, have risen dramatically there, thanks to the deregulation of the power industry. But a lot of the interest has come from that same broader sense of environmentalism, that’s causing younger folks here to turn to DIY projects.


  2. I think my dad could qualify as a firewood celebrity. He loves to chop wood and stack it and rearrange it and age it and tromp around looking for trees to cut down. My parents and my brother use wood stoves as a source for heating. One year, my dad cut so much that the family could not use it all. So he and one of his wood chopping friends started a ministry within their church: they will come remove your downed tree for you and if you want the wood, fine, but if you don’t, they give it to someone who needs it. They have some cute name for it that I can’t remember right now. He is always ready to go with his chainsaw and ax.

  3. Your English teacher would probably tell you that there must be at least three firewood celebrities for there to be a “biggest” firewood celebrity.

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