The mysterious buildings

weird fairvue buildings

I upped the contrast on these buildings so that you could better see details. Noe how they just continue on down the road. Fairvue is behind me, so they line the road coming up to the house from the Nashville road. Behind them now is a golf course and then, down the slight bluff, is some backwater from the Cumberland river.

There’s a door on the bottom, small windows on each side of the bottom floor (they’re covered with a grate now, but I couldn’t tell how original that detail was). then, on the second floor, there’s a door (you can kind of see it behind the tree) and some slotted brickwork at the top. Here’s a closer view:


I had thought maybe they were pigeon coops, but why the hell would Isaac and Adelicia Franklin need like ten pigeon coops? I now have another theory. I think they’re tobacco barns. This guy took a picture of a slightly larger red tile tobacco barn in Georgia and it looks pretty similar. The only thing that makes me doubt this theory is that, if you look at that top picture, you can see that the third building down has no roof–it’s technically more a ruin than a building. And when I drove by, it appeared to have a second floor–not something a tobacco bard would need. Unless the staves were still in the building and when the wall caved in, it appeared to be a floor? I don’t know. I’m guessing some of you might.