I am a Sentimental Fool

I picked up the things I needed framing last night. I’m going to make the Butcher help me hang them this evening and then I’ll get pics for the curious. I was surprised by how much I was moved by seeing the poster from Poetry Sucks in a frame. It just made it somehow seems like a real thing. I mean, it was, but… I don’t know. Last October was really amazing in so many ways. I just hope I get a chance to do more awesome stuff like that.

And the Tarot Cards look terrific. I can’t even begin to tell you.

The Informal Bubba Census

Beth and I were talking about this over on Twitter–how I find it a little weird that I knew a lot of Bubbas and Bubs in Illinois, but don’t know any down here. And she, from Mississippi, remarked that she only knows one Bubba, though she knows a Taco and a couple of Taters.

This got me wondering if Bubba, though used in pop culture as a kind of ubiquitous rural nickname, might, in real life, have a regional concentration. In other words, I wonder if there are more Bubbas in the Midwest than in the South?

So, dear readers, here’s what I want to know–have you known any Bubbas or Bubs and from whence did they come?

(Can I tell you how disappointed I am to have looked up the definition of the word “whence” just now? I always thought it was “where” but with some time implications. So, if I asked “From whence did your Bubba come, sir/ma’am?” you would know to answer “Charleston, IL, in the early 80s.” But now it appears that I’m only asking from where your Bubba came. Which is kind of disappointing. Whence, you could have been so much more.)