Down So Low

True confession–I had no idea who Tracy Nelson is, even though my coworker loves her and told me that I am ruining my life by not listening to her.

And you know what? She’s right.

8 thoughts on “Down So Low

  1. I’m embarrassed to say there are probably twelve kids today reading this blog who are like “My god, you didn’t know who Tracy Nelson is? Have you been living under a rock, with rocks in your ears?”

  2. It is weird, though, like discovering that there’s a whole street on you favorite block in your favorite city that you somehow failed to notice.

  3. Hey, anybody can miss anybody, and the good news is there’s lots of great Tracy Nelson music to catch. She was not only a viable alternative to Janis Joplln and a star as leader of Mother Earth in the days when “Down So Low” first appeared, but she’s been a Nashville-based stalwart of R&B and soulful country too for decades. (Her then gutsy move to do the LP ” Mother Earth presents Tracy Nelson Country” in 1969, with much the same crew Gram Parsons worked with, James Burton and all, was a milestone up the road and in making Nashville cool.) She’s also in the documentary “The Nashville Sound,” (1970) right along with Cash and Dolly and Roy Acuff and Bill Monroe, showing what life was like in Nashville’s cool country then..That’s around on DVD and elsewhere. This is a woman who had a hit country duet with Willie nelson, and also records with Irma Thomas and Marcia Ball. A personal fave.

  4. Having gotten my gob unsmacked, I can at least tell you that you have a lot of listening pleasure in your future, catching up with all her music.

  5. Yaaaaaaay! So glad you found her!

    I recall being an angsty 13-year-old listening to Ronstadt’s version of it and then looking at the liner notes and wondering who the woman was who wrote it. Boy, was that the start of an interesting journey.

    Bonnie Raitt also covered my favorite song in all the world: “(I Could Have Been Yout) Best Old Friend.” I know it’s on a CD of Tracy’s, too, but I can’t find it in these boxes. Tracy’s are the only CDs I’ve kept, along with Dinah Washington and Rosie Clooney, after loading everything into iTunes.

  6. I know there was one evening at the Country Hall of Fame when I was sitting in the Ford Theater between Emmylou Harris and Tracy Nelson, and I couldn’t help but thinking ‘I’ve got friends who’d just slap me to know I was sitting right here right now.’ Truthfully, I could hardly believe that myself. Took the moment to tell Tracy about the longest time back I could remember seeing her live, which was a concert in northern Delaware, not far from Philadelphia, when she was that itty bitty girl with the giant voice, and she stood on a hill over this gulch and let loose with “I’m Gonna Get Up and Make My Light Shine” and it just belted and echoed through the place. She remembered the time.

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