I’m Sad I Don’t Watch Wresting Any More

Because, apparently, the WWE is making fun of the Tea Party and feuding with Glenn Beck.

Weirdly, what this means more than anything is that the Tea Party and Glenn Beck are massively unpopular with the WWE’s audience. Not what I would have thought. But you know they know their audience. Which means that the most valuable commercial audience–boys 13-30–are lost to the Tea Party. Probably not a good sign for its longevity.

One thought on “I’m Sad I Don’t Watch Wresting Any More

  1. Southern Beale had a post about this the other too, and I think the demographics of who watches pro wrestling are changing in other ways. It’s not just a Southern white thing anymore–out here in California, the WWE has a huge Latino following. The McMahons may be a lot of things, but they certainly have good business sense and would know which way the wind is blowing in terms of their demographic.

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