The Dog is Weird

I pull in my driveway last night and get out of my car. I hear a noise. I can’t quite place it at first. Is it someone yelling? No. Dogs barking in the distance? But then why does it sound so distinctly muffled? And then I realize it’s Mrs. Wigglebottom, barking from somewhere deep in the house. Not near the door, where it might make sense for someone to stand and bark. But off in a far corner.

My heart sinks. I’m imagining her trapped or broken some place. Or at least cut or cornered by a cat. I run to the house. I’m saying calming things in a calm voice. I struggle with the lock and I throw open the door. “It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m here. It’s okay.”

And she just comes trotting out of the Butcher’s room with this complete look of surprise like “Oh, is someone home now?”

This leads me to questions:

1. Was she barking because she heard me pull up? She’s about as deaf as a doorknob, but could she have some hearing I didn’t know about?

2. Did she forget no one was home and so was just barking until someone came and let her up in the Butcher’s bed? If so, then why did she seem so pleasantly surprised when I arrived?

3. Was she barking at something? Was someone to close to the house and I just didn’t see them running off? Was a cat in need of a good lecture?

4. Was she just barking for the hell of it?

5 thoughts on “The Dog is Weird

  1. Our dog has trouble quitting once she gets started. She’ll go crazy barking at a dog that walks by on the street, but after they’ve gone she can’t just quit cold turkey. She’ll have a brief silence, then a quick bark and so on… The silences start to get longer a little at a time until finally another dog walks by.

  2. I had a small dog who liked to get under the blankets on the bed. And then if it struck her fancy she’d bark under there. I finally just told myself that she knew something was going to happen that needed a good barking, so this was just in case she missed the actual event.

    So maybe Mrs W is just barking to make up for things she’s missed.

    And W, I have a dog who gets stuck in bark too. Self reinforcing behavior at it’s best.

  3. Is the dog’s name Mrs. Wigglebottom?
    Animals like dogs convey their feelings by barking and other ways. She surely noticed you pulled your car in the driveway. Happiness maybe is one reason that triggers her to bark.

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