And Then about Black Blackface Minstrelsy

You thought I was just reading all that stuff for fun! Okay, I was, but also because I was invited to do a guest post at The Hooded Utilitarian and I wanted to write about Darkest America: Black Minstrelsy from Slavery to Hip-Hop by Yuval Taylor and Jake Austen, a book I really liked, but had one serious issue with. My post over at The Hooded Utilitarian is an attempt to answer the one question I thought Taylor and Austen left oddly unanswered.

I just want to thank Barry for his help with the song stuff in the middle of the post (though he didn’t know at the time that his help would be going to this end and neither did I). And to Elias for turning me on to The Hooded Utilitarian those many years ago.


One thought on “And Then about Black Blackface Minstrelsy

  1. Glad to be of any li’l help. What I took from Yuval and Jake on “so why did black people take to blackface?”, in addition to the things you’re raising, was simply that the fantasy construct of a person of wild, reckless, goofy freedom able to say and do anything –which, they well knew, had nothing to do with their lives any more than the lives of the white guys–also appealed to THEM. And they had more reason to find a disguise and excuse for saying what they meant than the white guys did!

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