What Came of Some of Them

So, I think the Chris Benoit piece is kind of completely terrible. Though I like the idea of a guy who sees the ghost of Chris Benoit. I may come back to the idea, though probably not the story.

I found a thing called “Karen” which I’d forgotten about, about a post-werewolf apocalypse family confronted by vampires. I remember thinking that I’d kind of gotten it started but had no idea where to take it. But when I read it again tonight, I realized, that’s it. It’s just a really short story. Not quite flash-fiction short. But short. I renamed it “Aunt Karen” though, because it seemed fitting for there to be a woman after the end of the world who has no nieces and nephews left, who you should, still, think of as “Aunt Karen.” I think it explains some of the story. I think that’s just about done.

Then there’s “Dead Yellow,” a story I’m working on about traffic lights. My main qualm is that I’m not sure folks know what a dead yellow is. I also want the story to sound a certain way, though I’m not quite sure how. So, this one is still baking. But I think there’s something to it.

And then there’s a story I’m going to have to run by some beta readers. It kind of does things they warn you away from–like quoting big long chunks of song (in the public domain). And it’s an epistolary tale, which you don’t see done much (I did it while I was working on the epistolary section in Project X, to work out for myself how it should go.). And it makes me cry. Every time I read it. So, I can’t really tell what’s working or not, because I can’t get enough emotional distance from it.

So, that leaves only the two stories I almost can’t bear to look at. Ta da!