A Tea to Ease the Transition from Man to Werewolf

The folks at High Garden Tea over on Fatherland helped me figure out as accurate a recipe as possible for what would go in a tea a rootworker in the 19th century would have given a werewolf to ease his transition from man to wolf. They took into account all kinds of stuff–its availability back then, whether it had a slightly different use (obviously, no one tries to set bones with boneset anymore, for instance), and how easy it would be for a black woman in Nashville during reconstruction to get her hands on it.

What they came up with is really bitter and kind of medicinal tasting, but not quite as hideous as you’d think something with an herb known as devil’s claw would be.

Anyway, I then bought a cup of it over to Chuck at East Side Story, which he made the other guy in the store also try. So, you know, that’s at least three of us who don’t have to worry this month about the pain of being a werewolf.

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6 thoughts on “A Tea to Ease the Transition from Man to Werewolf

  1. So it’s something they’ve actually thought about, then. That’s either awesomely cool or massively creepy, depending.

  2. I sent them the relevant book parts a week or so ago and they asked me to come in and consult in person, so they’d had some time to think about it. But it was really, really awesome how much aesthetic and historical and magical thought they gave it.

    But, yeah, I don’t think you could just walk in off the street and, say, be all “Oh, I sometimes turn into this mythical beast’ and have them be all “No problem. We already have something whooped up.”

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