I Need to Learn to Honk

This morning, as I was coming into work, a person tried to change lanes right into me. I yelled, and swerved, and avoided getting hit. And then like five minutes later, it occurred to me that I should have honked.

But you know, I wish science would look into the feeling you get while driving that a driver is going to do something stupid. Because what saved me, really, is that I was already watching that person closely, because something about the car–which was just a red late model Toyota Camry, nothing strange–pinged my “keep an eye on that car” sense when it came onto Clarksville Pike from the Ashland City road. So, when a half a block later, it tried to enter my lane right where my car was, I was not surprised. I mean, I was surprised, but I already was watching that car for signs of idiocy.

But I’m not sure what about the way the person made that turn tipped me off that there could be a problem.

3 thoughts on “I Need to Learn to Honk

  1. Maybe it’s kin to how the guy at the frame shop knew the customer before you was a jerk even before he’d seen the obvious ‘I’m a jerk’ signals. You have enough driving experience that on a subconscious level you can pick up the ‘I’m stupid’ signals.

    I learned to honk during the short time I drove a city bus. You’d be amazed at the amount of people that will cut off a bus. I’m surprised that more cars aren’t hit. So now if traffic is thick I’ll drive with a finger on the horn, just in case.

  2. If I see someone repeatedly looking to the side, I know that means they’re ready to turn—of course without using the turn signal device. :(
    It’s just something we seem to learn to do without actively thinking about it.

  3. I get that feeling all the time—several times a week—but I drive 80 miles a day so I see a lot of stupid shit done in traffic, especially merging onto/exiting the interstate. If you figure out what it is, let me know. :)

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