Project X Update

–Yes, thank goodness I had a back-up werewolf. Who is awesome. And who has challenged me to use “anagosity” in his section. “Anagosity” being a word he found in the wild in use in Nashville and Kentucky back at the turn of the last century. In context it seems to mean something like “someone who knows a little bit about a lot” and is a positive trait. But where it came from and where it went? Hard to say.

–Thoughts have turned to artists. I am freaking the fuck out.

–But I am also super excited.

–And overwhelmed.

–But mostly excited.

4 thoughts on “Project X Update

  1. From Greek? (an)agostic = (not) holding close to oneself. It sounds like the sort of funny/highfalutin’ language used at the time for someone who’d not be sticking to things s/he knows well.

  2. Plus, I saw the commercial. Backup Werewolves: Don’t Leave Home Without Them.

    (Or maybe I just saw them open for the Dead in the Sixties. I’m confused.)

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