Have They Returned to Letting Captain Morgan Seduce Everyone With His Eyes?

I’m accepting that the days of Captain Morgan just being sexy as hell are over. Now we have to have stories and adventures. I don’t like it, but the latest Captain Morgan ad at least appears to return to some of the things I liked about the “Captain Morgan instigates an orgy” era ads–Captain Morgan’s face is clearly shown. He uses said face to shoot bemused and somewhat lusty looks at people. And there’s a bit at the end that seems too-self-aware of the homoeroticism of the ads to be an accident. (Though it’s interesting how so many things in the Captain Morgan’s ads that would, in real life, be nightmares–servitude at the time, what really happens when pirates bend you across something and tie you down–are just frosted over into fantasy. I mean, yes, it’s all a fantasy. Those are just the moments when how far the fantasy is from reality is hardest for me to ignore. I do think it’s funny that the rescued guy kind of gives a look of “Oh, you just rescued me for my map.”)

Yes, he’s still running away with someone and from someone. But they’ve at least moved the girl off his lap.

6 thoughts on “Have They Returned to Letting Captain Morgan Seduce Everyone With His Eyes?

  1. It seems like they’re making a try at inclusive sexy again. Maybe a different writer or director?

    And yeah about fantasy/reality bleeding into each other. But the relieved map guy’s look shows that they might get that also.

  2. Yeah, they moved the girl off his knee and all the way out of the damn commercial. Were there any women anywhere in there? But it was okay, anyway.

  3. Speaking of fantasy/reality bleed, is it really appropriate to have an Irish-ish band playing for an English pirate? Don’t think about that too hard!

  4. I was hoping for music similar to the stripping and diving commercial. But the vague-Irish music was ignorable.

  5. My one thought about the music was Huh, is that the Pogues, or just someone who sounds like them? No consciousness of it being out of place. I’m numb.

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