The Tornado Aftermath

He sounds fine, if a little frazzled. Some trees fell on the house and knocked out their power and damaged their roof. Other trees just disappeared from the area. He said there was some speculation that it was just straightline wind damage, but he pointed to a few weird things–the windchimes not being tangled, a tree in the middle of the mess that remained unharmed–that seemed to suggest the tell-tale signs of a more unpredictable wind.

He said it was pretty quick. They were watching TV (he lives with the great grandma of my oldest nephew) and the weather report said there was some rotation and showed it coming straight at them. He thought they were both headed to the bathroom, but he got about halfway down the hall and realized she wasn’t behind him, so he went back to grab her, and by then it was over.

Still, it’s scary. But I’m glad he’s okay.