I’m Just Going to Go Ahead and Be a Sucker for This

Let’s talk about this.

I like it.

Darius Rucker has a beautiful voice. He does a fine rendition of the song that is both true to the original and sounds like something he’d sing. I feel like his love for the song comes across (and you know I’m a sucker for that). And the video features my favorite clan of duck call makers.

I only wish that it had been Robbie Fulks instead of Charles Kelly of Lady Antebellum in there. Don’t get me wrong, I know they’re aiming for a Lady Antebellum audience and I know that Lady Antebellum’s name has hurt them among listeners who would otherwise like them and that the record industry really wants to demonstrate that “antebellum” is just a word and you can safely just ignore it and go ahead and put them on your iPod, because, look, they like black people.

But Robbie Fulks would have been a complete mind-fuck. I’m not sure what it would have meant or how I would have read it. But it would have been delicious–the man who twenty years ago so famously decried this kind of music now wink-and-nodding at it? That would have been awesome.