I’m Just Going to Go Ahead and Be a Sucker for This

Let’s talk about this.

I like it.

Darius Rucker has a beautiful voice. He does a fine rendition of the song that is both true to the original and sounds like something he’d sing. I feel like his love for the song comes across (and you know I’m a sucker for that). And the video features my favorite clan of duck call makers.

I only wish that it had been Robbie Fulks instead of Charles Kelly of Lady Antebellum in there. Don’t get me wrong, I know they’re aiming for a Lady Antebellum audience and I know that Lady Antebellum’s name has hurt them among listeners who would otherwise like them and that the record industry really wants to demonstrate that “antebellum” is just a word and you can safely just ignore it and go ahead and put them on your iPod, because, look, they like black people.

But Robbie Fulks would have been a complete mind-fuck. I’m not sure what it would have meant or how I would have read it. But it would have been delicious–the man who twenty years ago so famously decried this kind of music now wink-and-nodding at it? That would have been awesome.

3 thoughts on “I’m Just Going to Go Ahead and Be a Sucker for This

  1. Because I was in a bar last night singing the hell out of OCMS’s version, this one doesn’t quite hit the spot for me yet, but it’s a good tune and I like Darius Rucker’s voice, so it may grow on me.

  2. It’s funny, but I had somebody who works in the mainstream country radio world say to me this week “Nobody ever heard of that song until Darius recorded it. But now I see that Old Crow Medicine Show version has six million YouTube hits.” Realms.

  3. Bridgett, it’s definitely not got the “something” that hits you right in the gut of the original. But I feel like the fact that the video shows him in a bar singing it with a crowd is what shows that he loves the original for those same reasons. It doesn’t feel to me like he’s covering it because he thinks he can do a better job or because he has something new to bring it, but because it’s the kind of song that, when you love it, you want to sing along with it. And this way, he has an excuse to sing along with a whole crowd singing it at his concerts. I appreciate that impulse.

    Barry, didn’t it just hit gold? I seem to remember there being some (seemed like a lot) national coverage of what a long strange journey to gold the song had. Just goes to show people don’t read their own business news.

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