You Can Kickstart Buffalo Clover!

So, you know that The Butcher is friends with the one chick from this band, Buffalo Clover, which put out one of my favorite albums of recent years. Well, they’re doing a Kickstarter to pay for their next album and for twenty bucks, you can get the new album and the last album. Hell, for two thousand bucks, they’ll write a song about you.

You and your ill-fated affair with John Rich.

Yeah, you were all “Who would give two thousand… oh, they could do a love song about me and a star-crossed romance with John Rich? I get it.”

Or, I guess it doesn’t have to be John Rich, but it’s hard to understand why you wouldn’t go for it.

Anyway, I don’t know them. The Butcher is, after all, quite a bit younger than me, so, if he knew them in high school, I was already in college. So, they could secretly suck. Or be made entirely of boogers. I don’t know.

But I did love their first album and hope to get to hear this one.