I’m spending my lunch hour being a baby AND listening to Natalie Maines’ new album (I put the “and” in all caps because those are two separate tasks that aren’t related). Nothing will aid my babydom, but time. I have mixed feelings about Maines’ album. I’ve really missed her voice. It still sounds pretty damn country to me. But I feel like her voice is too far forward in the mix–at least on these speakers–so I can’t quite not hear that she’s not in the same room as the instruments at the same time.

But so far–and I’m not yet all the way through them–I just feel like these are the wrong songs. I can’t quite explain it. They’re great songs. But it’s not quite working. It just sounds old, somehow.

One thought on “Mother

  1. Okay, I just finished it and I’m kind of more convinced that I’m right that it just sounds old. I mean, I know it’s mostly covers, but her song at the end just has a kind of “something” to it that I just didn’t feel in the other ones. I want to love it, but it just doesn’t do it for me.

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