The Universe Sends Me a Strange Sign

Today I got a press release about the five Tennessee sites added to the National Register of Historic Places. Site #1?

Allendale Farm.

One of the Allens to own the house?


They’re not my Allens, who are from Maryland and Virginia before arriving in Sumner County. These Allens are from North Carolina and then settled in Montgomery County (I’ve run into some Allens in Cheatham County and I suspect they’re these folks, as well).

So, it didn’t give me the full-on heebie jeebies. But it definitely gave me at least the heebies.

(I’m bummed the OED doesn’t have an etymology for ‘heebie-jeebies.’)

3 thoughts on “The Universe Sends Me a Strange Sign

  1. Heebie-jeebies — appears in print in a Barney Google comic in 1923. Might have been street slang before that, but maybe not. The author of the comic created a lot of neologisms that subsequently became popular (such as “hotsy totsy”.

  2. Oh, thank gods. I was worried that it was going to end up like “honyock” being some antique racial slur. But it’s not! So I can continue to use it when I get the creeps. Or when I discover that there are only so many things you might call your house when your last name is Allen and you’re looking around your landscape here in Middle Tennessee–Allenwood, Allenhill, Allendale–and I guessed well.

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