Evidence of an Unseen Flood

The dog and I tried to walk, but it’s too wet back there. We did, however, find firm evidence that the creek flooded this weekend, though it never made it far enough into the yard for us to see it. Thank goodness.


3 thoughts on “Evidence of an Unseen Flood

  1. We were already not using it. It’s the same one you told me after the 2010 flood was not probably safe. But now I’m more anxious to either figure out a way to completely remove it or get it propped back up into position. The absolute last thing I want is for it to fall into the creek in a flood situation and make a dam that sends ALL the water from the creek into my yard.

  2. I don’t remember how heavy it looked. Maybe next time the Butcher has a few friends over you can talk them into dragging it off the pedestal. Then a sledgehammer should do for it.

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