10 thoughts on “It is Every Bit as Awesome as You Thought It Would Be

  1. Like I said in the other post, when was the last time a song went from Philip K. Dick to Jimi Hendrix in two lines?!

  2. Ever since I saw her basically perform all of Archandroid live, I’ve wanted to see someone take on her SF impulses seriously and critically. Because she obviously does herself. Of course, on Archandroid she puts herself into yet another musical context, the one that leads to and through and from James Brown. She’s got ambitions.

  3. That’s my favorite thing about her. There are a lot of talented people out there. Not so many that so publicly have their fingers on so many pulses of so many influences.

  4. She’s doing really interesting stuff with Afrofuturism — one of my colleagues works on Afrofuturist cultural production and Afro-centric science fiction as a culture of resistance and I see her fitting into (and furthering creatively) a literature of transcendence.

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