We watched it last night. About halfway through, the boys took a break to go shoot things with a pellet gun, which I probably should just let stand as the review. The main thing that I didn’t like about it is that, in the other Alien(s) movies, there’s a prominent sense that the characters have been fucked by factors they weren’t quite aware of–that someone else’s greed or hubris has put them in this position. They are but small cogs, in the end, in a big machine they not only can’t control, but can’t comprehend, but must strive to do their best in spite of.

That story is in Prometheus but it’s a B plot–the captain of the ship and his crew, who end up saving Earth, presumably–not the focus.

And, I have to tell you, I find it less compelling than the others for changing that focus.

I also kind of hated that, even at the end, it didn’t seem to occur to anyone that David might feel about them how they feel about the Engineers.

But it was pretty.