A Few Things, Here and There

Old Spock v. New Spock. So delightful.

This issue of Apex is so good and sad. And good again.

Flavorwire is having a short fiction contest.

There’s a new Claire DeWitt book coming! Did you know this? Did you not tell me?

–I made tuna noodle casserole last night. Very easy, very delicious. Still, is there any more Midwestern feeling than sprinkling crumbled Saltines over something bubbling in your oven? I think not. Possibly this is how you can recognize Midwestern witches. At the end of any spell, we’re sprinkling crumbled Saltines into the caldron.

4 thoughts on “A Few Things, Here and There

  1. Um, in St. Louis a lot of people use Italian breadcrumbs instead. Which have the added advantage of not getting your fingers dirty.

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