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Here and here. It’s just so unbelievable. How many naked women in dog collars can neighbors call about before police take them seriously? It’s really frightening how easy it is to just disappear to authorities if you’re not in a spot they give a shit about.

Updated to add: Jesus, this is a sick fuck:

Ariel Castro was friends with the father of Gina DeJesus, one of the missing women, and helped search for her after she disappeared, said Khalid Samad, a friend of the family. He also performed music at a fundraiser held in her honor, Samad said.

“When we went out to look for Gina, he helped pass out fliers,” said Samad, a community activist who was at the hospital with DeJesus and her family Monday night. “You know, he was friends with the family.”

Tito DeJesus, one of Gina’s uncles, said he played in a few bands with Castro over the past 20 years. He remembered visiting Castro’s house after his niece disappeared, but he never noticed anything out of ordinary, saying it was very sparsely furnished and filled with musical instruments.

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  1. I wonder about the pathology of the guys who do this, not just rape but imprison. And this gets at one of my suspicions, that much of the pleasure of it for them must come from having a secret. Being around the family and savoring that secret. Man… it’s chilling.

  2. O.C. I completely agree. These guys were enjoying being able to see the ripple effect of their actions. It’s like there’s one whole set of crimes–the kidnappings and what happened in that house to those women–and then there should be recognition (even if there aren’t charges to be brought) that they were also doing something to those families–that they picked victims whose families were close enough by that they could enjoy the suffering of the families. It’s some kind of sick two-for-one deal.

    The police are now insisting that they never got calls about women in the back yard. It’ll be interesting to see if that remains true.

  3. The fact that not one person – BUT THREE BROTHERS – took part in this. WTF is up in that family? And one of the daughters of these men tried to slit the throat of someone else? Good grief. I’ve repositioned my thoughts on the death penalty: death is too easy for these dudes. Throw them in the general population in the worst prison in America – Angola (Louisiana) or Parchman (MS) and let them be led around on dog leashes for years. Even that is too good for them. I can’t even wrap my mind around what type of evil it takes to do this. Not that I would want to… but shit. Evil evil evil.

  4. Yeah, one of the brothers’ daughters tried to kill her infant by slitting it’s throat. She then insisted to the judge that she was a “good mother.”

    The reason that this creeps me out especially is because there are only two options: 1. ) either she’s lying and she’s not a good mother, but evil along the lines of her father or 2.) she is a good mother (in her own context) and the best thing she thought she could do to protect her daughter was to kill her. This raises all kinds of terrible questions about what she thought she was protecting her daughter from. Because, I have to tell you, if she thought the only way she could protect her daughter from her sick fuck of a dad was to kill her?

    Yes, I still think she should be in prison. But I have a great deal of sympathy of her. Because her dad sounds like the kind of evil that might start to seem unstoppable.

  5. I guess what haunts me is that I wish, at any point during her trial someone–a lawyer, a social worker, someone–would have asked her why she did this. Because her dad likes to rape teenage girls. And he probably didn’t start with the girls he kidnapped, you know? And it would have been nice to know he raped teenage girls back when his daughter was having her breakdown, before he and his brothers kidnapped a bunch to keep on hand.

  6. I’m afraid that some of the fascination with Ramsey isn’t well intentioned. But damn, he’s quick. And a natural storyteller. “… half-eaten Big Mac”, and the bit where he pulls his paycheck out. And the way he immediately downplays attention to himself. I’m genuinely impressed.

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