Project X: The Short Description

I had to come up with a short description for reasons I’m not entirely clear on. But it feels like forward motion, so I’ll take it. Anyway, I wanted to share:

For two hundred years, the people of Nashville have kept a deadly secret—a werewolf hunts among them. No one has been able to kill it and few have been successful in fighting it. But the people who faced it left a record of their misfortunes. Their drawings, journal entries, and letters were collected into a volume called The Wolf’s Bane, a book that, because of the bad luck that befell its owners, became almost as feared as the beast itself.  The book was rumored to contain a spell guaranteed to summon the Devil, to tell the actual story of why Sam Houston fled Tennessee, and to reveal the true natures of many of Nashville’s most prominent families. It was said that possessing the book was a curse just short of being the victim of the werewolf. And yet, for a chance to know Nashville’s hidden history, who wouldn’t risk opening those pages?  This is that book.

6 thoughts on “Project X: The Short Description

  1. I’m very intrigued. And that’s coming from someone who doesn’t normally like werewolf stories. If the book is half as interesting and well-done as that jacket copy….I’m totally there!

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