The Old Reader

Since Google Reader is going away, presumably because Google hates America and Superman and baseball and Mom and apple pie and the thrill of riding around in an old V-8 with a backseat as big as a couch, I’m switching to The Old Reader.

I hate it, on principle. Because I hate unnecessary change.

But I am attempting to get used to it.


7 thoughts on “The Old Reader

  1. Have you been able to get The Old Reader to keep your fees in the order you want? It does not work for me.

  2. I had no idea that Google was keeping my feeds in any particular order! So, I guess I am the wrong person to ask, because I didn’t know it was an option in the old one so I never considered what order I might want things in.

  3. I’ve given up on Feedreaders. I have lost track of so many blogs over the years because of my inability to keep a clean feedreader. I’ve now switched to putting bookmarks for the blogs I read on to my home screen of the iPhone and then keeping those in a folder. As a system it seems to be working much better. For me anyway.

  4. My feeds are in no particular order, but so far with The Old Reader, it seems like I just drag and drop them into some configuration and they stay there. More flexible than Google Reader which insisted on alphabetizing.

  5. Rivikah, I drag and drop them into the order I want, but the next time I open the reader they’re back out of order. With Google Reader I dragged and dropped and they stayed in the order I wanted them.

  6. Odd. That’s not my experience, so maybe there’s a setting somewhere. I did find that some of the settings needed to be turned off. And then squinted at, because who wants /that/ nonintuitive behaviour?

  7. It occurs to me that it may be a Mac issue. Which is too bad. But if I can’t get my feeds in the order I want I may just use Feedly anyway.

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