Where in the World is the Butcher?

The Butcher is always having weird adventures. On Thursday, he came home and said, “I’m thinking about going to LA.”

I asked, “When?”

And he said, “tomorrow.” And so he did.

I haven’t heard anything about his adventure yet, since he got back after I went to bed and left for work before I got up.

But it has made me decide that I need to have an adventure. I don’t know of what sort. I haven’t even really thought about doing anything exciting in a long time, but the Butcher always comes back from them so happy.

4 thoughts on “Where in the World is the Butcher?

  1. I can offer you taco-based adventures and toddler-based adventures–oh and probably head-on shrimp -based adventures…you know, if any of those are the adventure you need to have.

  2. Maybe instead of going all the way to exciting all at once, you could ease your way through interesting to moderately stimulating, and then do exciting. You know, start with a trip to Chattanooga or something.

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