They Grow Up So Quickly

I was talking to my other brother yesterday and he’s looking for some place to live with the current gal. He’s debating about whether to buy a house or rent (I know that most of you just fell off your chair, but I also have fallen off my chair, so let’s just leave that be) and he says, “Well, I don’t know if it makes sense to buy if I’m only going to be here for three more years.”

“Three more years?”

“You know, because that’s when J. graduates.”

I had to get back in my chair to fall off it again. My oldest nephew has his learner’s permit! What next? Chest hair? Just cart me off to the old folks home right now.

The baby who I remember like it was yesterday being born is a fucking man. Well, not a man man, but a young man. On his way to be an adult. I hope he gets a good life, can figure out how to make a life for himself where he has a home and open horizons and bills paid.

And I hope we don’t weigh him down in it.