Things I Hear

–I hear that a couple of the stories I’m working on are good.

–I hear that Project X is chugging along.

–I hear that I’m somehow both not working ICMC this year and my parents aren’t coming down. So, I may have an actual Memorial Day weekend filled with… I don’t know. Whatever it is that people do on Memorial Day weekend other than go to Belmont.

–My roses are starting to bloom, as are the peonies.

–I’m feeling a little stagnant. I know it’s just the pending birthday blues. But lord almighty, I hope Mary Oliver doesn’t ask me what I’ve done with my one wild life this week or I will just have to cry and admit I spent most of it oddly and in ways I feel uncertain lead to anything.

–And yet, cool shit has happened. And I feel happy.

–So, I really do think it’s just the blues. Nothing is wrong. I’m just getting older and I feel a longing for something I can’t quite put my finger on.

3 thoughts on “Things I Hear

  1. I simply declare Memorial Day Weekend “the nation celebrates my birthday” weekend. There is cake and pie and good times. This year there will be an Arrested Development Marathon. You are welcome to join us if you like.

  2. Good wishes, blessings, mercies and happiness. Project X kicks furry butt. Getting older sucks and because of the sheer weight of stuff built up behind the present, it’s really easy to wish for anything that came before. For me, at least. It seems like I’d sell my soul for a second chance–heh. Easy to see how those stories got into the culture.

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