Failing the Test for Witchcraft

Did I tell you all I have a witch’s tit? I’m getting it cut off in a couple of weeks. But I feel like I can now tell you the true meaning of the term “colder than a witch’s tit.” Because the thing does get creepily cold. I don’t think it has any blood going to it–it definitely doesn’t have any feeling. I can pinch it as hard as I can between my fingernails and don’t feel anything and don’t draw blood–and there are times when I touch it and it is so cold. It’s like touching a corpse, if you’ve ever done that. You’d think it’d be at room temperature or slightly warming, seeing as how it’s sitting between a warm body and the room, but no. No. It’s often cold to the touch.

And yet, out of morbid curiosity, I can’t quit touching it. And thinking, “Wow, this is what all of me will feel like when I’m dead. This is literally what my skin feels like absent pumping blood.” It’s both really distressing and really fascinating.

And weird to think that, in some eras, if I were accused of witchcraft, there’s the proof–the place where I suckle the Devil.

How’s that for heebie jeebies?

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