A Couple of Things

1. Barry has a lovely post about “Wagon Wheel” over at Engine 145. The only minor disappointment I have is that he seems to not recognize the guys from Duck Dynasty and I can’t decide if I am appalled or jealous.

2. And then check out this poem about water, which is also lovely. And I did read it with my watery eyes.

2 thoughts on “A Couple of Things

  1. You are correct; I have not seen Duck Dynasty, just the title on cable listings. On the other hand, they are what they are in the video–self-contained, no?… though you’re probably right that people who are not me may be bringing Duck baggage to the orange sauce…

  2. Yeah, but the inclusion of the Duck Dynasty guys is curious to me. Is it supposed to be giving Rutger southern cred? Dude is from South Carolina, which out-souths all other Southern states regularly. Or is it supposed to give the video some whimsy–like we know he’s not really going anywhere, because he’s in a Duck Dynasty episode?

    And is it supposed to give the Robertsons a little “look, I have a black friend” cred even though they have a show set in Louisiana which, somehow, never has black people in it, not even in the background?

    It’s strange. But anyway, it’s cool to read the take of someone who didn’t immediately recognize the Robertsons.

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