The Greatest Moment in Country Music

I’m not talking about the greatest song (though, for the record, that is “Long Black Veil”). I’m talking about the best moment. And, for me, it’s the very beginning of this song. It’s the kind of hokey steel guitar. I’m not sure it sounded cheesy back in the day, but it does now. And I think it works better as slightly hokey, because hope is a kind of hokey emotion.

And then, there’s Don Williams, with his beautiful, beautiful voice, “I’ve been lonesome.” And forget it. We should all just go home. It is never going to get any better than that. It just sounds like a man being as vulnerable as they come right in front of you.

Every time I hear it, I wonder, how does this song not change the world?

3 thoughts on “The Greatest Moment in Country Music

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