McAfee. Consider My Eyes Rolled.

You know who I don’t believe? The guy who works at McAfee and says, “We do not share any type of personal information with our government agency partners.”

This is, again, one of those befuddling things about this story. Is dude bullshitting? Like just saying this stuff even though, obviously, the last person you’re going to believe is the person who works for a company that works so hard to trick consumers into installing shit on their computers that is then virtually impossible for consumers to feel confident that they can a.) remove and b.) that it will stay removed? There is no company I would look to sooner to be handing my data over to the feds than fucking McAfee. What other purpose does all that “You can’t really get rid of it” software serve?

Or what if this dude isn’t bullshitting? Here’s the heart of the matter for me. Does McAfee really think that it can operate that way–tricking people into putting difficult to remove shit on their computers–AND be taken seriously in the court of public opinion? It’s like finding out that fucking Walmart wants to be seen as a good corporate citizen.

The idea that McAfee seems to think that it has some trusted roll in society, some good will that can be burned is just… It’s just stunning to me. I have to carefully opt out of getting your shit. If I once get sloppy or tired or just hit enter too quickly on an update for something that seems completely unrelated to you, I get your fucking crap on my computer. And the last time I got your shit on my computer, it was a nightmare to get rid of it. Try as I might to uninstall it, every time I restarted, it’d be there. I had to fucking Google how to really, truly uninstall it, because you guys fucking suck. And I still don’t feel completely confident that you’re gone.

In fact, you seem like the kind of company that might just read this post and then fucking somehow scan my computer and say “Yep, still on there.”

McAfee, if you’re aiding the government in spying on its citizens, I would consider that to be the least surprising revelation of the year.

In related news, Snowden is quite popular in China because he’s telling China all about how the U.S. hacks into Chinese systems.. I wonder if Jim Tracy is still on his side.