The Dress and Some Questions

Here’s the dress:

dress 1

In what world is that for a newborn to three month old? Am I wrong? I feel like this is huge! Cute, but huge. Okay, but here are my questions for you parents. Check out the back and imagine dressing a baby in this. Should I sew up the purple part? This would mean that you’d have to put the dress over the baby’s head. Does that seem doable? Or should I put buttons up the whole back? Okay, now let’s talk about being a baby. Am I wrong to think that most buttons are going to be uncomfortable for someone who lies on her back all day. Any recommendations for what kinds of buttons are best for babies?

dress 2

5 thoughts on “The Dress and Some Questions

  1. It is very pretty! However, Chloe would not have worn this without a fuss. She did not like anything where her fingers could get stuck and babies before 5 or 6 months really can’t figure out how to extricate themselves very well. It will likely be a layering piece over a cotton onesie, put on an infant who can sit up but not crawl. I’d probably put a satin ribbon tie at the top or a loop and a flat button (nothing bumpy or with a shank, because as you mention she’ll be on her back a lot) and let it go at that.

  2. This is another question I have about this dress. How does the baby not get tangled in it? I like how it turned out, but now I am kind of hoping that she doesn’t fit into it until she’s a little older. If I’m going to make her something for when she’s brand new, I want something less “lacy” I think.

  3. Truth: these kind of dresses are a lovely idea and beautiful and the parents appreciate them as keepsakes, but kids rarely wear them much. It’s photo op clothing that you put on your kid right after bathtime when she’s having a good day and you plop her on a quilt and you shoot some terrific heartwarming pics that you’ll treasure forever and then she spits up chunks and that’s all she wrote…the kid outgrows the dress before the next laundry cycle, so you put it in a wee little box or pass it down to the next kid. Our child experienced all yarn clothing as an itchy snare and she hated them about as much as she hated those darling hats that were trying to strangle her growing brain. So, yes, if you’re making another one for the pre-mobile infant (4-6 months), I’d recommend a little less lacy and nothing fuzzy. Fuzzy looks great to adults but babies drool and ooze and are basically slime machines, so fuzzy gets in their mouths and makes them very unhappy.

  4. Alas…what Bridgett said is truth. But photo op clothing is valued and good!

    You’re dead on that clothes that fasten on the back are no good for people who lie around all day sucking on their feet (once they find them at +/- 2 months). I also have found that (knitting) patterns for newborn clothing vary crazily in size. The great thing is that babies grow! So you know it’ll be the right size sooner or later.

  5. It is utterly gorgeous, though. I mean, if I had a child I’d dress my child up in that and take a slew of pictures stat, however short a period the picture-taking lasted.

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